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Automatic Electrical Cyclone Incinerator

Our Automatic Electrical Cyclone Incinerator is used to dispose general wastes like Papers, cotton cloth waste, napkin wastes, dry food waste, waste oil clothes, leaves and Timber refuses in a instant, secure, clean and environmentally safe manner.

    It is very useful to destroy waste occurred at

  • Colleges & Schools,
  • Colonies, Flats & Apartments,
  • Hotels & Resorts,
  • Shopping Malls & Theaters,
  • Hostels & Canteens,
  • Big Churches & Temples,
  • Offices & Industries.
  • Banks & Government Departments


  • Automatic and Electrically operated.
  • Instant disposal of General Dry waste.
  • Front Opening Door is used to load waste as well as cleaning and checking purpose.
  • Inside refractory lining giving excellent high heat retention.
  • The ash is collected in an Ash Collection tray at the bottom of the incinerator.
  • Specially designed to destroy bulk general dry waste.

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