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Aluminium Composite Panel

 Aluminium Composite Panels consists of a thermoplastic polyethylene core that is sandwiched between to outer flat aluminium panels. The polyethylene core is bonded between the two aluminium sheets providing a very lightweight, flat, smooth and strong rigid sheet.

The Aluminium Composite Sheets can be coated with a number of coatings from PVDF or Polyester paint depending on the customer requirement or process. Aluminium composites can also be produced in a wide range of colours including metallic’s and patterns that resemble woods and marbles.
PVDF and Polyester Aluminium Composites can be found in a range of applications from building claddings to Signage as a replacement to heavier and expensive substrates.
Mulford Plastics carry both ranges of Aluminium from Alcotex® for the PVDF coating and Signbond™ with Polyester finish.

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