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Sludge Treatment Work

KIRAN GROUP is the largest Indian construction group, a conglomerate of companies active in the construction, engineering, environmental, real estate and concession sectors. The Group was founded in 183 and since then has known impressive and regular growth. KIRAN GROUP, the environmental subsidiary of the Group, is specialised in the design, construction and commissioning of wastewater treatment plants and sludge treatment installations. It also provides solutions for drinking water production.

For several years KIRAN GROUP has been active as an EPC contractor in the water treatment industry. It succeeded in its strategy of expanding in the private sector, with a particular focus on the pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries as well as in the public sector. KIRAN GROUP is active in India, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

EPC, operation and maintenance services for wastewater treatment plants

Besides its EPC label, KIRAN GROUP has positioned itself as a long-term partner in its relations with clients by operating and maintaining the plants they have constructed. This is the case for the 85,000m�/day TDF wastewater treatment plant.

Dedicated EPC activities for the oil and petrochemical industry

In recent years KIRAN GROUP experienced an increased demand in engineering and construction activities for the petrochemical sector. The experience of prior EPC contracts in the pharmaceutical and petrochemical industry enables KIRAN GROUP to answer to the demand of high technical and quality standards for this type of project.

The large engineering contracts for new projects in the petrochemical sector are, without exception, conducted by a group of well-established engineering firms. These projects are particular in their non-geographically dominated demand for quality and risk assessment (e.g. HAZOP, FEED study, ISO certification, VCA, etc.)

The fact that KIRAN GROUP can meet these high standards in combination with a proven track record within the petrochemical industry makes us a partner for these engineering firms with an undeniable added value.

FEED studies for oil and petrochemical industry projects

A front to end engineering design (FEED) study is used to analyse the various technical options for new installations with the objective to define the facilities required. In these projects, a full FEED study contains detailed information regarding engineering, construction, health, safety and the environment. In certain projects KIRAN GROUP has performed pilot-tests on a lab scale as well as on an industrial scale to validate technical and process designs.

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