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Oil & Gas Work

 Kiran Group, as an EPCC Contractor, has established a remarkable track record in the Oil & gas industry in the region. Kiran Group sustained success is the result of exceptional performance based on a clear vision; to be a leader in its field, consistently offering enhanced value to its customers and employees.

The Company's Management team has contributed greatly to this success. Under its guidance, Kiran Group has become an outstanding member not only in the Oil & Gas industry, but also in the Global business community.

Corporate citizenship lies at the core of Kiran Group's business strategy and determines the way, the company interacts with customers, joint venture partners, sub-contractors and also with the government authorities alike. Conducting business with integrity transparency, and social accountability has always been part of Kiran Group's basic principles and a top priority in shaping the company's strategic planning.

Our goal is to keep on striving to accomplish the highest levels of success for our clients and to maximise profits using the best professional practices.

Our achievements till date reflect the dedicated efforts of our employees and further strengthening our efforts to sustain profitable growth and meet the challenges of a rapidly evolving global market.

Wewould like to use this opportunity to thank our CLIENTS for their precious faith and their indispensable support, to our customers and suppliers for their cooperation and last but not the least to our qualified as well as experienced employees who have been working on behalf of Kiran Group for their remarkable efforts.

Scope Of Work
BAPCO, OXY, MUBADHALA Bahrain, Awal Engineering Procurment Contracts for Refinery Complex, Part-I
2010 - 2015
BAPCO Bahrain, Sitra Crude Plant Upgradation
2010 - 2011
Bateman Kazakhstan Oil & Gas Company West Eskene Atyrau, Kazakhstan Commissioning Support Works - Kashagan Field Development - Power plant & Utility project
2010 - 2011
SAIPEM SPA Kazakhstan D - Island, Caspian Sea, Kazakhstan Offshore Installation Works
Offshore Wind Farm E.ON Sverige AB Design, production and installation of 90 concrete caissons for an offshore wind farm
2008 - 2010 (20 months)
Petroleum Development Oman Quarn alam Steam injection project on plot facilities including power stations. Part-III
2008 - 2011
Qatar Petroleum, Rass Gas Qatar, Alkhor LNG at Ras Laffan Area
2008 - 2010
Petroleum Development Oman Oman, Murmul Upgradation of deep water desalination plant, upgradfation of storage tanks
2006 - 2009
Petroleum Development Oman Sohar, Oman Refinery plant, pipe racks, storage tanks
2004 - 2006
Oil production plant, Kazakhstan Tengiz, Kazakhstan Oil processing plant
Liquefied Natural Gas Complex Damietta Port, Egypt (LNG receiving terminal Sagunto City, Spain) Gas export to Spain and Europe
2001 - 2004
Gas Project Ras Laffan, Qatar and North Field Gas production and export
2001 - 2002
Syncrude Project Jose industrial complex, Venezuela Hydrocracker unit, hydrogen plant, crude upgrading facility and coke and sulphur storage
2000 - 2004
GATE Construction Contracting Industry and Trading Co. Inc West Eskene Atyrau, Kazakhstan Installation of 8x10kV panels, 11x35kV panels in main substation & Transformer replacement
Bateman Kazakhstan Oil & Gas Company and AGIP Kazakhstan North Caspian Operating Company N.V West Eskene Atyrau, Kazakhstan E & I Works
2009 - 2010
Bonatti SPA Kazakhstan West Eskene Atyrau, Kazakhstan E & I Works

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