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Cross country Pipeline & Fire


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Kiran Group is an innovator in mainline cross-country pipeline construction for oil and gas infrastructure. Kiran Group continues to offer a unique and diverse group of services for all your project construction requirements. Kiran Group has the equipments, manpower, resources, and expertise to schedule, manage, and construct pipelines of any size and length in all terrains. Kiran Group's construction teams are focused on safety, quality, and efficiency resulting in a cost-effective project executed on time and within budget.


    Our experience includes

  • Residual Engineering
  • Construction, Testing & Commissioning
  • Temporary & Permanent Cathodic Protection
  • All associated works (Civil, Electrical, Instrumentation, Co2, Fire and Gas detection system, Telecomunication, Piping)
  • Horizontal Direction Drilling
  • Hot Tapping

We have over time built an expertise in installing Oil, Gas and Water pipelines across crossings and surface obstacles such as Creeks, Rivers, Canals, Highways and Railways by trenchless equipment. We have the capabilities to complete crossings of up to 48-inch pipe with continuous lengths of over 2,000-feet.

Oil & Gas Surface Facilities

Kiran Group has a strong engineering & construction team for execution of LSTK projects for various Oil & Gas Surface Facilities including: Oil and Gas Pipeline Transmission Facilities such as Pig Launching / Receiving, Metering Stations and Fuel Oil Handling Systems etc.

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